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27th Jan 2021

Dublin’s newest weekend meal box you need to try!

Lynda Keogh

Lockdown has brought about a few wonderful things; although it’s been a long, hard and tough year – I absolutely Stan the creativity and passion that it has brought out in some people..

One such thing is Leroy’s.

I’m a sucker for Instagram, you wouldn’t want to see how many hours a day I’m on it between work and general creeping… But sometimes good things come from my incessant scrolling! When some of my more ‘foodie friends’ started chatting about Leroy’s (a food lover’s pop up meal box) – I needed in.

I think we’ve all learned the importance of supporting local and supporting Irish businesses over this challenging time. But for full transparency, I do want to say that #IPaidForThis, I enjoyed it, and I think you guys might too.

So, how to do get my hands on a Leroy’s box & how much will I pay?

Slide into those DMs baby (Leroy’s not mine!) This meal box is available Fridays and Saturdays only. The menu changes every week and is updated via their Instagram. Get in quick as they sell out in seconds! I somehow managed to get my hands on a Saturday box after a cancellation!

The box I ordered cost €66; which I was happy to pay for a full three course meal, nibbles and 2 margaritas. €33 per person for all that? When you take into account that 18 months ago we would’ve paid close to €30 for 2 margaritas by themselves and a tip.. Prices will vary depending on if you go with just the meal / add margs / add the wine pairing.

What’s included and how do I get the box?

So, as the box changes every week – so too will the contents. Last weekend’s box included nibbles, a starter, a main course and dessert for 2. You can also include a wine pairing or Leroy’s special (and delicious!) margaritas, or even both! I went with just the margs and they were whopper.

When you order and pay, you’ll be sent an address and a mobile number for Team Leroy’s. Pick up is seamless, quick and most importantly – socially distanced and masked!

What’s on the menu?

As I mentioned, the menu changes every week but the box I tried is as below.

I had never in my life tried or heard of ‘elotes’ (a charred sweetcorn, coriander and feta salsa of sorts!) served with corn chips and it was delicious. Each dish was so so tasty. I loved the huge pasta shells and the sauce was so tasty; rich, creamy and packed with chunks of delicious chorizo. Personally I would’ve liked a little more sauciness, but minor details.. it was so warming and enjoyable.

How are the portions?

For us, the portion sizes were perfect – even verging on the side of quite generous, which is most definitely not a complaint!

Is there much work involved?

Other than boiling the pasta – the most you have to do is re-heat and arrange on a plate. You definitely do not need to be Nigella. So handy!

Talk to us about the drink pairings?

Leroy’s offer a wine pairing, perfectly chosen to compliment their dishes (and I’ve heard great things!) but I was sharing with my mom who is not a wine drinker, so I chose the margaritas.. These are an essential add on in my opinion! They are so good, would highly recommend. Leroy’s will even give you the proper Maldon flaked salt for the edge of your glass!

What was the highlight?

It’s VERY close tie between the chocolate chip cookies and the Leroy’s margaritas.

You might not be lucky enough to catch the chocolate chip cookies in your menu… If you miss them, I’m so so so sorry but they’re some of the best cookies I’ve ever had. The perfect combination of brown-sugary cookie dough and seriously good-quality chocolate chips, layers and layers of them.

Tbh, I would be very open to a weekly cookie & marg delivery.

Are there any other meal boxes you have tried that you have loved? Pop us a mail and tell us about your experience!

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