Gluten Free Humans Rejoice - We've Found A Gluten Free Beer That Actually Tastes Like Beer

Praise the lord!

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People who can't eat wheat or gluten will always tell you they miss certain things - a fresh crusty roll straight from the bakery or a bottle of cold beer. 

The bread is something I'm convinced will never be mastered, what with gluten being the glue that bread needs to become crusty and chewy. 

However, having recently discovered Daura Damm Gluten Free Beer, I'm happy to report that coeliacs can now enjoy a real bottle of beer .

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It tastes so like regular beer that when I took my first sip, I had to check the label immediately to ensure I hadn't made a mistake. Usually gluten free substitutes are a sorry excuse for their gluten-filled cousins, but this beer is the real fucking deal.

So if you're coeliac, gluten intolerant or just trying to avoid the pesky bugger that seems to be in everything check out Daura Damm. A few bottles over Silly Season will go down a treat...

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Fíodhna Horan Murphy

Fíodhna is deputy editor of Lovin Dublin and the Lovin Group. She's mad into music, gigs, cans by the canal and anything leopard print.