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18th Jan 2020

Goat’s Gruff will be doing FREE tea and coffee on Blue Monday morning

James Fenton

Blue Monday is creeping its head around the corner but fear not because Goat’s Gruff has the perfect antidote.

The third Monday of January is commonly described as the most depressing day of the year, with things like money struggles, weather and the demise of New Year’s resolutions cited by experts as reasons for the sense of malaise.

While there’s no quick fix, free tea and coffee can’t do any harm and if you’re passing the Strawberry Beds on Monday morning, that’s exactly what will be on offer. The Goat’s Gruff truck has been a popular addition to the route since it landed across the road from the Strawberry Hall late last year and the team there has decided to reward their loyal customers with a pick-me-up free of charge on Blue Monday.

A post on Facebook reads: ‘This Monday, January 20th, (AKA Blue Monday – the most depressing day of the year) we will be doing FREE coffee and tea all morning from 7am-10:30am! Blue Monday? Not on our watch! Tag your mates to let them know, we will pick one lucky commenter to win a free pizza next weekend. Your commute should look this good.’

A lovely gesture this Blue Monday and if it’s on your commute or if you happen to have some free time in the morning, it’ll be worth heading over to the Goat’s Gruff truck.

What a way to start the week.