Here's A Prime Example Of What You Don't Want To Find In Your Chips

Man, that's gotta sting!

Fish Chips Chipper Food

A Lovin Dublin reader sent us in this snap – of a rather unfortunate surprise she found in her Monday-night chipper chips (livin' on the edge there, but no judgement).

Yes, folks, that there is a crispy, deep-fried wasp – nestled in a bed of soft, fluffy, delicious chips. Yum.

Chipper Chips Wasp

The worst news? The wasp was only uncovered after half of the chips had been eaten – and God knows what other delicacies were deep-fried in that waspy vegetable oil.

It really makes you think, doesn't it? Maybe that's the universe's way of telling us that deep-frying our food isn't ideal. Or, perhaps something simpler, like: don't eat chips on a Monday. We'll never know...

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