Move Over Munchy Box – The 'Pizzarack Variety Box' Has Just Arrived

First there was the 3-in-1, then the munchy box, now this...

Pizza Box

Wars were started in the past few months (even in our own office) about whether the 3-in-1 was a crime against food or the greatest culinary invention of our time.

Since that heated debate we've seen the rise of several more fast food mash-ups that outraged almost as much as they made bellies rumble: the munchy box, the even bigger variety box, and the all-day-breakfast munchy box

We can understand the appeal

Now there's a new variant of the decadent fast food ensemble on the scene: the Pizzarack variety box. 

Pizzarack 1

Pic: Pizzarack-Damien Corrigan

The latest innovation in boxed fast food contains a 9" pizza along with mozzarella sticks, chicken bites, chicken wings, garlic bread, onion rings, chips, and choice of dip.

It's enough to give you heart palpations (interpret that as you see fit). Right now this is just available in Pizzarack in Ardboe, Tyrone, but luckily you can't exactly patent putting a bunch of extra takeaway food into the box with a small pizza, so it could come to Dublin whenever.

Do you really want it though? Maybe as a hangover cure? Let us know in the comments.

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