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17th Feb 2020

Oh My God – Anyone called Janice can get a free lunch at the Back Page this week

James Fenton

The Back Page have announced which pair of names get a free lunch this week and it’s good news for the Jordans and Janices of Dublin.

Every week, the Back Page chooses two names which guarantee people with the lucky monikers free grub from Monday until Friday. This week, the Phibsboro spot could see a repeat of the worst break-up in history as there’s sure to be a spike in visits by anyone called Janice.

Sadly, there’s no free grub for anyone called Chandler but if you’ve got the name Jordan, you know where to head for your afternoon feed this week.

The free lunch at the Back Page for Jordan or Janice is valid from Monday to Friday between 12pm and 3.30pm. The offer is pretty much a ritual at this stage, with the Back Page going through the alphabet to reward two names every week. Recently, we’ve seen Darraghs and Denises get rewarded as well as Erics and Evas and Irvin and Imeldas.

Next week, it’s set to be letter K that takes centre-stage so be sure to check in next Monday if your name is Keith, Kevin or Katie. As for this week, cover your ears because you might just hear the most annoying laugh in sitcom history.