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17th Feb 2021

Owner of Michael’s Restaurant teases new southside location

James Fenton

The owner of Michael’s Restaurant in Mount Merrion has teased a new venture on the southside.

Gaz Smith, the owner of the popular Michael’s Restaurant has been keeping busy throughout the pandemic, despite the various restrictions on hospitality that have been in place. Back in October, he opened up a ‘Little Lockdown‘ veg market outside the Mount Merrion eatery, before adding a second shop on the northside in November.

Fans of Gaz’s work will now be delighted to know that he’s not stopping there and will be adding a new spot on the southside in the near future. Taking to Twitter this morning, he wrote: ‘Southsiders ….. you might be seeing little lockdown re-open on your side of the Liffey …. but not where you think ! We’re working on something new in a new location. Soon! Very soon!’

Any guesses as to where it’ll be? Wherever it is, if its half as popular as Gaz’s other projects, business is bound to be booming.

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