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02nd Jul 2018

Pitt Bros Are Giving Away Free Ice Cream To Every Customer Today

James Fenton

Free ice cream. Perhaps the greatest combination of words in the English language.

Of course, it’s not every day we get to avail of such a tantalising deal but the Dublin weather this past while hasn’t exactly been ordinary. To cheer us all up at the start of the week, Pitt Bros has decided to give out free ice cream to every customer from 12 noon today.

“What’s the catch?” we hear you all shout. There is none. Well, there is but it’s a very small one. All you have to do is order anything from the menu, be it food or a drink, and you’ll be given an ice cream to wash it all down free of charge.

Couldn’t be easier. You can find Pitt Bros on George’s Street or the Millennium Walkway.

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