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19th Jul 2023

The IFI to begin serving popcorn ahead of Barbieheimer weekend

Katy Thornton

ifi popcorn

The icing on the cake of a perfect cinema weekend.

Ever since we learned that Oppenheimer and Barbie were both coming out the same day (July 21) there has been a serious countdown on for this coming weekend. As if excitement levels couldn’t get any higher, the Irish Film Institute (IFI) have introduced a serious game-changer to their viewer experience – serving popcorn.

While this is a staple in most cinemas, the IFI have always prided themselves on being an arthouse cinema, with a certain level of ambience, and as a result never served popcorn in-house. It was going to take something big to change this tradition, and what’s been bigger in recent cinematic history than the opening of Barbie and Oppenheimer?

The IFI are adamant that even with the crunching of popcorn, the viewing experience will not be hindered.

“We’re committed to keeping our focus on the arthouse cinema ambience while providing comfort and snacks for everyone.

“Rest assured that our staff have been fully trained, our cleaning will be comprehensive, and your screenings of Oppenheimer and Barbie will maintain the full IFI experience!”

So if you’re booked into this iconic Dublin cinema, for either Barbie or Oppenheimer (we won’t judge which one you’re planning on seeing first) then you can do it with the accompaniment of popcorn.

One popcorn costs €5.50, while drinks cost €3, with variations of Coke and San Pellegrino available. They also have combos; €8 for popcorn and one drink, or €9.50 for popcorn and two drinks.

Header images via Getty & YouTube


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