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03rd Sep 2020

This dotey little wine bar is the perfect spot for your next date night

Sarah Finnan

As the great philosopher Pat Benatar once said; love is a battlefield and I reckon the same can be said for the dating world too.

Coming up with different things to do is tiring work, so it’s always a good idea to have a few suggestions lined up should you need date night plans in a hurry. And this is definitely one to add to the list… particularly if you’re looking to impress, as I guarantee it will win you major brownie points.

Part of the new Loose Canon by the glass set up, they’re back slinging wines every Friday and Saturday night when customers can book in for a cheese and wine tasting. Highly recommended let me tell you.

Simply pick one of the designated time slots, pay the deposit and then call in at your chosen time. There you’ll be treated to a “wee plate” of three toastie bites which are the perfect accompaniment to any one of their many, many wines.

Each reservation lasts 75 minutes so you could definitely follow this up with a stop off somewhere else… dessert will most likely be calling and who are you to ignore?

A great shout for your next date night whether you’re in a relationship, a seasoned dater or just dipping your newly single toes in the dating pool.

Header image via Instagram/Loose Canon