This Funky Cafe Is Where You Need To Go For Brunch Today

The choice has just been made for you


It's Saturday and you're hankering for some brunch.

You and your mates are trying to decide on a place to eat, but everybody's humming and hawing, and you know this is going to take a while.

But we've got you covered, as per usual, because today we're making the call for you: you're eating at The Fumbally Café.

Well I guess my work here is do– oh, you need some reasons? Fair enough.


The spacious café's menu includes eggs and ham (eggs with added Gubbeen hot smoked ham), pulled porchetta (ciabatta with slow roasted pork , caper mayo and spiced apple sauce), and their special Fumbally eggs (scrambled with olive oil, Gubbeen cheese, garlic and tomatoes on toasted brioche).

But our favourite thing on their menu has to be their eggs with avocado, which you can see in the picture above, which we've included in our ultimate brunch to do list. Feckin' divine.

For the full menu, click here.


You can find The Fumbally Café on Fumbally Lane in Dublin 8.

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Seán Kenehan

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