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27th Aug 2020

Top coffee shops in and around Portobello

Sarah Finnan

Coffee shops in and around Portobello

Portobello is where it’s at for coffee lovers.

Finding your coffee fix in Portobello isn’t the problem, it’s narrowing it down and deciding where to go that’s the issue… there are just so many coffee shops to choose from. A good complaint to have I’m sure you’ll agree – especially if you’re somewhat of a coffee fiend like myself.

Stretching from the Grand Canal along Clanbrassil Street all the way to South Richmond Street, there are plenty of cafes and coffee shops dotted along the way to tempt you in. We’ve allowed for some wiggle room when it comes to what is/isn’t Portobello – so long as they’re in the general vicinity, they count… at least in our book.

So, in no particular order, here are some of our top picks for coffee shops in and around Portobello.


By far one of my favourite spots for a cuppa joe in all of Dublin. Alma takes pride of place on South Circular Road. A cosy little spot, it’s usually quite busy which is a testament to how good both the coffee and food is here (we already know their pancakes are unbelievable).


Bibi’s is a little neighbourhood gem. Tucked away on one of Portobello’s side streets, it’s not somewhere that you’d happen upon by chance and yet it’s always insanely busy. Good luck nabbing a table here for brunch.

Worth waiting for though, their coffee is darn good and their mushrooms on sourdough will warm you to your very soul.

Little Bird

Foremost a neighbourhood café, yogis love Little Bird as it doubles as a yoga studio in the back. Everything is baked in-house, including their chocolate chip cookies.

Brother Hubbard South

With two cafes in Dublin, Brother Hubbard South is the southside sibling of Brother Hubbard North. If it’s coffee you’re in the market for, this is the place to go.

Though their brunch offerings are pretty stellar so there’s definitely something to be said for waiting for a table and ordering some grub.


Noshington is literally just around the corner from my house, technically making it my local. For many, the ‘local’ refers to their closest pub. For me, my nearest coffee shop.

The laid-back seating area out front is perfect for all you sun worshippers.

Wall & Keogh

Found on South Richmond Street, Wall & Keogh is probably better known as being a tea house. Don’t let that fool you though, they serve coffee too and their latte art skills are up there with the best of them.

First Draft Coffee & Wine

They has the coffee and they has the wine. First Draft Coffee serves up coffee during the day before swapping coffee cups for wine glasses in the evening.

And just look at that for a beautifully poured cup of the good stuff – almost too gorgeous to drink.

Almost, but not quite.

Grove Road

Located on the Rathmines/Portobello Bridge, Grove Road is on the way to the Lovin offices and so is a popular choice for many commuters on their way into work.

Next time I’m in, I’m adding their porridge to my order too.

Gaillot et Gray

A bakery/café/pizza place, Gaillot et Gray somehow manages to fly under the radar. Though we’d love to keep it to ourselves, we think it deserves to be shared… so now you know.

Europeans know their coffee and as a French-run business, it’s safe to say you can trust these guys with your morning order.

The Thursday Café

Another one on the list that’s on Clanbrassil Street, The Thursday Café is a simple little spot that skimps on the fancy but not on the service or the flavour. Think honest, hearty food using local organic produce. And it’s dog-friendly too.

Jolin’s Vietnamese Coffee House

A dotey little café on Clanbrassil Street, Jolin’s is the place to go if you’re craving an authentic Vietnamese coffee after getting the taste for it on your travels. An iced coffee in the outdoor seating area has summer written all over it.

Clanbrassil Coffee Shop

Nestled right on the main street, the inside seating area is the ideal place to perch yourself with a cuppa… and one (or two) of their pastries for good measure.

With so many coffee shops in and around Portobello, you’ll never have to venture too far for your fix. Any we’ve missed?

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