Wave Goodbye To Another Sunday With One Of These Reliable Life-Saving Takeaways

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Whether you're hungover, have the Sunday blues or you're just wrecked – a takeaway can cure all. 

I know we constantly talk takeaway, takeaway, takeaway – but we are such firm believers in takeaways as a Sunday ritual, a rite of passage into a shitty Monday. 

Treat your f*ckin' self. G'wan. 

1. Bunsen

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Is there any better cure than a massive, juicy Bunsen burger cooked to perfection? I'm drooling at the thought. 

And washed down with a massive chocolate shake. Holy shit, it's unreal. 

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2. Michie Sushi, Ranelagh

Some people can't even bear the thought of sushi, and anything raw fish related, when hungover.

But for me, it's all I fucking crave. I want a mound of sushi as big as my bedroom that will help me slip into a blissful carb-induced food coma. 

Opt for the soft shell crab and avocado roll. Yum. 

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3. A big dirty burrito

Choose from Tolteca, Boojum or Little Ass Burrito Bar – all are more than adequate. 

Extra guac please!

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4. A spice bag

Spicy, spicy, spicy bag of golden goodness. 

My personal fave is from Shang Hai in D1.

This spice bag is heavenly. Which is saying a lot.

At €6.50 it's plenty for two people sharing. 

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