'Irish Election Rides' Has Compiled A List Of This Year's Most Attractive Candidates

Suddenly canvassers don't seem so bad...


With the General Election fast approaching, there's a lot being said about candidates' policies, but not much about their physical attractiveness; that's where Irish Election Rides comes in.

The Tumblr account first appeared in 2014, but has been dusted off for this year's election. Described as a blog for voters of both genders and all sexualities, the creators were sure to preface their gallery with this disclaimer,

We're just going to go ahead and assume you're mature enough not exercise a vote based solely on a candidate's looks. That's just silly.

Here are a few of the candidates who made the list.

Patrick McKee (Renua Ireland - Carlow Kilkenny)

Ride 1

Lucinda Creighton (Renua Ireland - Dublin Bay South)

Ride 2

Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire (Sinn Féin - Cork South Central)

Ride 3

Lorna Bogue (Green Party - Cork South Central)

Ride 4

Jimmy Dignam (Workers Party - Dublin North West)

Ride 5

Adrienne Wallace (Anti-Austerity Alliance / People Before Profit - Carlow Kilkenny)

Ride 6

Know of any other candidates worthy of the blog? Send your suggestions to ridesuggestions@gmail.com.

To view the full list, visit Irish Election Rides here.

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