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30th Jul 2020

Fake it ’til you make it: five tried and tested fake tans for that summer glow

Lynda Keogh

Controversial opinion here – but there’s something comforting and nostalgic about the smell of a fake tan marinade. The smell brings me right back to school, where my love affair with fake tan started in Junior Cert year. Since then, together we have been through the good, the bad and the seriously streaky…

At this stage, we know all too well that summer in Ireland is unpredictable to say the very least. With holidaying abroad looking less and less likely this year (for me anyway!) – I’m going to have to fake that ‘just-home-from-hols’ glow. I’m okay with it, to be honest. It means no ridiculous tan lines and an even tan all over. Also, we all know by this stage that SPF is bae, and sizzling in the sun until you are a raisin is just no bueno.

So, these are my top five, tried and tested gradual tans.

Bondi Sands

I’ve used Bondi Sands a good bit, but recently I’ve been heavily influenced by Jodie Wood… in the best way – like, can we just be best mates already? She personally (lol, I wish) introduced me to Bondi Sands Aero. This one is so quick drying so there’s none of that awkward hanging-around-in-the-nip sh*t. The colour is so natural it’s ideal. I’ve also found that you can apply this one and walk straight out the door if you need – it doesn’t give that green Shrek tone in processing.

Bare By Vogue

First things first; not once have I had a streaky incident when using Bare By Vogue (even when it’s been lazily applied). Personally I love the mousse version, and the colour payoff is just incred. I love to do a double layer of the Dark shade, I know there is also an Ultra Dark but I am yet to give that a whirl. The brand aesthetics are also A-one – and I would expect no less from the fashion queen herself.

Tan Luxe

To say I was influenced to try this tan because of Instagram-hype would be an understatement. BUT this one definitely lives up to said hype. A few drops into your moisturiser or your serum and Bob’s your uncle – within half an hour you’ll have that sun-kissed glow we are all after this summer. Top tips; make sure to sweep down/apply onto your neck and collarbones, and please make sure you wash your hands thoroughly. Next on my list to try from this range is the Super Glow Hyaluronic Self-Tan Serum – fake tan, skincare and an SPF all in one? Yes.

Cocoa Brown

An oldie but a goodie. I first came across Cocoa Brown in Carter Beauty when we all began to get spray tans for The BESS Ball (no judgement please). Since then, it has been a really reliable go-to in my fake tan basket. Listen, if it’s good enough for Kylie Jenner, it’s definitely good enough for me. Also, Cocoa Brown’s range has now expanded and includes a fake tan eraser and even a hair-care range.

Tan Organic

Tan Organic is a fake tan with real morals. The brand is organic, vegan, cruelty-free and gives fab results. I’ve tried the Self Tan Oil – fab for when you have the time for a post-shower lounge and pamper. For me their Velvet Mitt is honestly top-notch; I bought two of them (one for instant applications and one for gradual) and they give such flawless application for any type of tan.

What are your fave tans?

Lead Image via Instagram/lorna_luxe

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