21 Bang-On-Trend Items You Can Pick Up In H&M College Green For Less Than €​40

The College Green store has you sorted


Payday is upon us – thanks be to jaysus – so we've taken to the mean streets in search of the best bargains just in time for the weekend.

And this time, H&M has come up trumps – not because their stuff is particularly built to last (it isn't), but because they've really nail new season trends. So, whether you buy one of these little gems or all of them, you're guaranteed an instant wardrobe update.

Here are 24 items you can buy in H&M right now that are bang on trend for spring/summer. Ready? 

1. This Balmain-inspired skirt

It's €29.99. Yep. 

Img 3147

2. This lush wrap jacket 

It's cream and so, so soft. Throw it on over jeans = happy days, €39.99.

Img 3146

3. This flesh-toned dress

Worn simply with a leather jacket and sneakers, or with heels. €39.99 again.

Img 3126

4. These very '90s trainers 

White is our summer shoe colour of choice, €29.99.

Img 3144

5. This New York T-shirt for just a tenner

NYC is ALWAYS in fashion, €9.99.

Img 3127

6. And this equally good-value dressy black top

So handy. Wear it with skinny jeans and skirts, €19.99.

Img 3130

7. These jewel earrings

They look good enough to eat – and so vintage. €9.99.

Img 3133

8. This white crochet T-shirt 

Summer in a top. €39.99.

Img 3140

9. This gorgeous maxi 


Img 3143

10. And these studded platforms to go with

Perfect to match the maxis, or with that suede skirt (see below), €39.99.

Img 3138

11. Gorgeous shades 

€7.99 – amazing value for these.

Img 3122

12. A striped midi dress 

€39.99. (They do love their €39.99.)

Img 3123

13. These suede-style wedges 

Mmmmmm, €24.99.

Img 3142

14. And suede-style skirt


Img 3149

15. This insanely cool bomber jacket 

We took two photos for extra effect – the absolute BOMB at €29.99.

Img 3137
Img 3136

16. This minimalist bracelet 

Slick as anything for just €6.99.

Img 3121

17. These jeans 

So comfy, €24.99.

Img 3139

18. And this polka dot top 

For with the jeans, obvs. €24.99.

Img 3141

19. This cosy knit 

Yowza, €39.99.

Img 3134

20. A burnt orange top 

This colour is everywhere this season, €9.99.

Img 3125

21. And finally, this Aztec print skirt

We love. €24.99.

Img 3120

Happy Thursday! 

Img 3148

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