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29th Oct 2021

Hands on with the Google 6 Pro

Rory Cashin

The very best phone that Google have ever made.

Thanks to Google, we’ve spent some time with their brand new devices, the Google 6 Pro and the Google 6.

For this review, we’ve focused more on the higher end device, the Google 6 Pro, which we reckon is the very best phone that Google have ever made.

Read on for our full review:


They’ve really switched it up this time! The fingerprint reader at the back of the phone has been moved to the front screen, a la most high end modern devices. And the large 120hz OLED screen is a thing of beauty.

The camera platform at the back is really what makes it stand out, purposefully flying in the face of the sleek, all-in-one design of the competition. But it makes perfect sense, as it gives the device more room to get more technology into the cameras, and it makes for a natural grip point on the phone.

The two tone colour palette also makes it immediately unique, with the main body of the device cut into two colour swatches, divided by the black camera bar. It is a very good looking phone.


We can get into the weeds of the details –  a 50MP primary lens, the 12MP ultra-wide secondary lens, and a 48MP telephoto lens, as well as the 4K 60fps recording – but what you really need to know is the following: yes, the cameras are incredibly impressive.

Additionally, the Google Camera app is probably going to be your new best friend, being both helpful enough for photo taking newbies to make sure they get the best out of their new hardware, but also packed with enough built-in technological additions so that the those who take their photography very seriously will still be able to get a lot of bang for their buck.


The new custom built chip inside the phone, titled the Tensor, allows you to fully personalise your phone. If you’ve got a favourite colour scheme or design, you can choose those for your display, giving a sense of individuality to your device that isn’t found in other phones. The internal processors also make sure that the screen is always running at top speed, the highest possible clarity and frame-rates.

Additional camera stuff you’ll definitely want to look into are the Motion Mode and the Magic Eraser, which might lean harder towards those who put A LOT of thought and effort into their photo taking and editing.

The battery will last you longer than usual, thanks to the Adaptive Battery technology inside. So the bright screen and updating apps will learn from your usage what to put the power into, and not divert power towards stuff you’re not using as often. It will also adapt to your charging habits, and both the 6 and the 6 Pro are capable of 30W fast wired charging.


The Pixel 6 Pro pricing begins at €899 for the 12GB/128GB model, exclusively available at the online Google Store. The Pixel 6 starts at €649 for the 8GB/128GB model, with both models increasing in price depending on the amount of memory purchased.

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