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20th Sep 2017

These 9 Cheap And Cheerful Things From Tiger Will Brighten Up Your Home


If you’re on the look out to give your home a makeover, we have the scoop for you. Forget about your grim and dreary apartment, ‘cos it’s about to get a super slick new look.

Tiger has a lot of very cute home accessories that we love and the bonus is that they won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

We took a trip to their Nassau Street store and came across these wonderful little additions that are guaranteed to brighten up your home.

1. Brass Coasters

We always tend to use coasters when out for drinks but when it comes to our home, we rarely use them.

And we really should. 

Not only will these golden brass coasters help protect your furniture, but they will give your home that little extra classy feel.

You can bag yourself one for €4 and they are definitely worth it.

Img 0403

2. Printed Pillows

There is no better way to brighten up your living room or bedroom than with pillows. 

Not only are they comfy and great to lie on but they can add that extra pop to your room.

We love these prints.

The leaf and pink fluffy pillow cost €8 each while the lips pillow you can get yourself for just €3. 


Img 0388
Full Size Render 1

3. Pineapple candle holders

Pineapple seems to be the real in thing at the minute. #Trending, y’know?

There’s clothes and several accessories making the rounds around shops in Dublin.

Tiger has a tonne of pineapple home accessories, including these cute golden candle holders.

These cost just €6 and come in two different sizes.

Img 0379

4. Chromatic coral pink soap dispensers

We all love a bit of pink, and if you fancy sprucing up your soap why not buy this.

The coral pink soap dispenser will definitely add some colour to your bathroom and give that little extra elegant look rather than a normal soap bottle.

And best yet, it’s quite cheap and will cost you €4 and you can use it over, and over again.


Img 0409

5. Cloud shelves

If you’re tired of storing your things on your dresser, these cloud shelves could help add to your bedroom.

The small shelves are super cute and would make a nice feature wall in your room if you bought a few.

And you can get a pair in the pack at the great price of €8.

Img 0415

6. Cocktail shakers

If you’re a big fan of cocktails, (eh, who isn’t?) you will love these that are on sale in Tiger.

The cute cocktail shakers cost just €8 and have cocktail recipes all around the glass bottle.

It’s so cute and will make the perfect addition to your kitchen for when you host a party.

Img 0433

7. Bling photo frames

We love a bit of sparkle, so these petite photo frames would look nice around your house.

The bling frames come at a bargain of €2, so why not get a few?

If you’re not a fan of sparkly stuff, this record LP photo frame could be a nice addition to your wall for €5.

Img 0421
Img 0419

8. Colourful tealight holders

These come in so many colours and nothing sets a nice relaxing mood than candles lighting.

The bright coloured tealight holders are just €1 each.

They sit nicely in your living room or bathroom.

Img 0411

9. Pineapple plates

We’ll admit it, we do like the obsession with pineapple.

And these little plates would be great to have some nibbles on if you were hosting a house party.

They will only set you back €4 too. 

We want some!

Img 3212

We’re off to revamp our home accessories in Tiger!

Would you buy any of these items to brighten up your home?

Let us know!

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