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28th Nov 2017

This €350,000 Gaff In Dun Laoghaire Is The Grimmest Thing You’ll See All Day


When it comes to house hunting, you would expect that with a price tag of €350,000 for a house you would be getting a decent enough space outside of Dublin city centre.

This property on however, is probably the most shocking thing we have ever seen and it’s definitely not fit to live in.  

The two-bedroom terrace house on Library Road in Dun Laoghaire is on the market and while it looks pleasant from the outside, it’s seriously rough and grimy on the inside.

From what appears to be mould, dirt and ripped wallpaper – the house needs a serious revamp and clean up, pronto.

Brace yourself for what you’re about to see:



The house does not look very appealing from the photos, and on the ad it is described that it, “offers vast potential to refurbish and extend to create a stunning home in a highly sought after convenient location”.

While it is in a nice location, it’s hard to imagine how much it would cost on top of the €350,000 price tag to fully renovate it to a family home.

We can imagine that it would cost a lot.

If you had a lot of money to spare you could might be able transform it into a nice space, but it’s difficult to get the image of all that dirt and grime out of our heads…

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