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16th Dec 2022

100ml liquid rule to be scrapped in Dublin Airport by 2024

Katy Thornton

100ml liquid rule

Good news for frequent flyers.

Enhanced x-ray technology could see the end of the 100ml liquid rule at Dublin Airport and other Irish airports. The rules around liquids have already been significantly relaxed in smaller airports, and Dublin Airport is due to receive 30 machines to allow this before 2024.

A spokesperson from the Department of Transport said this to the Irish Mirror.

“All Irish airports are compliant with European aviation security regulations regarding the screening of cabin baggage.

“Regulations in this area are a European competence and are not made at national level. However, the regulations provide for different arrangements for the carrying of liquid and gels in cabin baggage depending on the screening equipment installed.

“Shannon, Kerry and Donegal Airports currently allow the carrying of liquids and gels above 100 ml and do not require liquids and gels or large electronic equipment to be removed from baggage for screening.

“By 2024, equipment upgrade programmes at the other Irish airports will mean that the same arrangements will apply.”

These new machines are currently being trialled at Dublin Airport. If successful, the removal of liquids as well as electronics like laptops from hand luggage may no longer be necessary this time next year.

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