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14th Jul 2023

Dublin Airport sells the most Irish breakfasts in the country

Emily Mullen

TBF there’s nothing like a cheeky fry and a pint at 3AM

In cut and the thrust of the news cycle, we are all looking for the best, the top and the overperforming, mediocre and middle-of-the-line just don’t cut it. That’s why when it came to our attention that Dublin Airport sell the most amount of Irish breakfasts in the country, we had to scream it from the rooftops and clap our grease-slicked hands together in celebration.

Just over 2.5 million fry-ups are gobbled up each year- that’s around 7,000 breakfasts sold daily (except Christmas Day when the teams are closed!). Thankfully only 30% of those buying a breakfast opted for a scoop of beans, potentially because they would be travelling in an airtight tube, and 60% asked for a cooked tomato on the side. White pudding was a clear favourite over black pudding, while the top egg style of choice is scrambled, followed by fried and then poached.

The liquid of choice when it comes to washing down the sausage and rashers, was the old reliable tea, the second most popular option is the caffeine-rich Americano, essential for those early flights. Dublin Airport clearly runs on brews, with more than 14,000 cups of tea and coffee served on an average day.

Sadly the Airport didn’t provide any info on how many morning pints are sunk on an average day.

There is truly nothing like settling in for an early flight, with in eye-shot of the departures board, ordering yourself a great big plate of food to sustain you through the bumpy flight.

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