15 Of The Best Reactions To Today's Dublin Bus Strike

Day 5...


With today's Dublin Bus strike being the fifth since industrial action began, some people has had enough while others are still seeing the funny side. 

Here are 15 of the angriest/funniest tweets:

1. The Opportunists

2. This guy won't be stopping by

3. Some tapped into their inner Tarzan 

4. O'Connell Street was uncharacteristically quiet 

5. Time to call in the army

6. Not a bad solution

7. Let's hope this dispute cools down

8. Emmm.... guys?

9. Every cloud

10. Ah for Jaysus sake

11. The bus driver man

12. Well said, Marty

13. Priorities

14. Always look on the bright side of life

15. And there's another strike scheduled for Saturday

Wherever you're going, stay safe and let us know your feelings in the comments!

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James Fenton

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