15 Photos And Videos That Show The Devastation #StormFrank Is Wreaking Across Ireland

The west is bearing the brunt, but it's pretty grim all over...

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It feels like Ireland has been getting battered by storms for the last month – and it was certainly a wet and windy Christmas that won't be fondly remembered.

But #StormFrank is taking the damage across the country to a new level, with the south and the west bearing the real brunt of the damage. The River Shannon is bursting its banks in a number of places, and there's worse to come. 

Here are some of the scenes people are facing across the country...

Rivers running though some of the towns in Cork

Things just about holding in places

The army out helping across the country

This GAA ground that's not looking too good

Places where you'd need a boat

'Today it's a river'

Views like this outside

The main street in Midleton

People being forced out of their houses

And it's even worse from the air...

This remarkable scene near Cork

Businesses getting hit hard too

And even the pubs can't provide any refuge

Even though the rain has mostly stopped the rivers are still under pressure

It really is a day for staying at home if at all possible

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