PICS: This Leaving Cert Student Got An Irish Poet's Name Tattooed On His Arse

All's fair in love and... English Paper 2?

Tattoo Poet

Adam O'Sullivan, a Leaving Certificate student from Cork, made a bet with his friend that if Irish poet Paul Durcan came up as a question on English Paper 2, then he would get said poet's name tattooed on his rear.

After only studying one poet, and studying him well, O'Sullivan was confident his risqué revision technique would pay off.

Well there’s eight poets you can study in the Leaving. I only did one and I did him well. I was down in the library with one of the lads from school and I told him if Paul Durcan came up I’d get the tattoo.

O'Sullivan then reinforced this statement with a fateful tweet, which has now been retweeted in the hundreds...

This hit every corner of the school, and upon opening the paper, Adam heard sniggering from his fellow classmates as he realised that his life, and his bum, would never be the same again.

The photographs of Adam getting the tattoo have, rightfully, gone viral, but we have been informed by the freshly inked scholar that his parents have found the funny side of it.

But, perhaps the most shocking ass-pect of this whole story? This isn’t the first time he's lost a bet of the tattoo description.

“I lost a bet as well to get two birds on my hip,” he added.

We're pretty sure O'Sullivan needs to re-evaluate how he makes life decisions.


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Kate Demolder

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