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10th Feb 2018

A Woman Was Reportedly Dragged Into A Lane And Sexually Assaulted In Dublin Last Night


A woman was dragged into a lane and attacked in Dublin city centre last night, it has been reported. 

The alleged incident happened at Henry Place at about 8pm. 

The woman, who is in her 40s, was dragged into the narrow lane behind the GPO by a man who then attempted to sexually assault her. 

A witness told that they heard the woman calling for help as they passed by. 

“Just as we got to the lane we saw a struggle going on down on the ground,” they said.

“The guy was on top of her and had his hand over her mouth.

“He was pulling at her trousers and when we got there, he ran away. Then the guards came. I’m still in a state of shock.”

Gardai are investigating the incident. 

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