An Irish Couple Are Live-Tweeting Their Trip To Liverpool For An Abortion

They left Dublin Airport this morning

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An Irish couple have taken to Twitter to share their harrowing journey to Liverpool to terminate a pregnancy today.

The husband and wife said they were "overjoyed" when they found out that they were expecting their second baby earlier this year but were left devastated after discovering that the baby had been diagnosed with Edwards Syndrome and would live for just hours after its birth.

"We had never heard of Edwards Syndrome before but we were told that even if carried to full term the period of life would be counted in the minutes and hours after birth. It is a crushing sentence for any person to hear let alone for my wife who has had to give up her career to become a full time carer for our little boy," said the husband.

He went on to say that they made the decision to do the "most humane thing possible to a baby that will never survive" and were forced to travel to the UK instead of "what should be a simple procedure that could be carried out 20 minutes from home in a risk-free environment".

"We hope that this may enlighten those who do not want to listen or even allow the people of this country to decide for themselves. Our government has continually kicked the can down the road and we, the people, must decide if we can allow this to happen."

You can follow their journey today on Twitter @ItsTimeToRepeal or #ItsTimeToRepeal.

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