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20th Dec 2016

Another Day, Another Trump Controversy As Donald Jr. Compares Refugees To Skittles

James Fenton

For some, devouring a delicious bag of Skittles was a childhood privilege not bestowed upon everybody. 

Some children were forbidden from consuming the fruity treats due to their high sugar content but it appears that the Trump kids were provided with an altogether more ominous portrayal of  the multi-coloured confectionery. 

That’s if this tweet on the official Twitter account of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s eldest son, Donald Junior, is anything to go by.  

Yep, you read that correctly. The son of America’s potential next President just compared Syrian refugees to Skittles.

Of course, the reaction was negative to say the least: 

The final word should go to the Wrigley Company, the makers of Skittles, who themselves wanted nothing to do with the comparison:

Mic drop. 

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