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24th May 2018

The Person Wearing This Anti-Abortion Sign Seems A Bit Confused


Free speech is a great thing isn’t it?

Especially when it throws up gems like this one spotted at St.Stephen’s Green yesterday and posted to the Photos of Dublin Facebook page.

The upcoming referendum has proven to be quite emotive on both sides, but this picture has confused people more than anything else with many pointing out the irony of the message. 

Commenting under the photo, one person pointed out that we will “still need to repeal the 8th to do it.”

Another Facebook user said: “That has to be the best one ever… sweet Jesus the universe will implode due to the level of irony and contradiction.”

Many people took joy in the fact that this line of reasoning advocates a ‘Yes’ vote.

One user said: “So is he for abortion or not. VOTE YES BUDDY.”

Another wrote: “Another one for pro choice.”

A similar sign was posted outside the children’s hospital and Ronald McDonald House.

Scary times.

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