Ballymun representatives issue statement condemning recent protests

By Stephen Porzio

January 13, 2023 at 4:05pm


“Men, women and children, be they residents or newcomers, should not fear for their safety in their homes or on our streets."

A number of representatives for Ballymun have issued a joint statement condemning protests in the Dublin suburb against migrants in recent days.

Taking place outside a hotel in the area accommodating asylum seekers and refugees, the most recent of these demonstrations occurred on Thursday night (12 January).

Over 100 protesters were reportedly in attendance.

In response to the demonstrations, local businesses, clubs, community groups and schools - as well as a number of politicians - signed the statement titled #BallymunForAll.


Among the signees was the Lord Mayor of Dublin Caroline Conroy.

The statement reads:

“We stand in solidarity with the vast majority of the people of Ballymun in opposing the abuse and hatred directed at refugees and asylum seekers in Ballymun over the last few days.

“Men, women and children, be they residents or newcomers, should not fear for their safety in their homes or on our streets.

“We know that only a small minority of people from the area are taking part, and the abuse is orchestrated by far-right groups.

“The people of Ballymun are generally upset with the ‘protests’, and they fear that the reputation of this welcoming and diverse community is being tarnished."

The statement also said that there are "many things" that need to be fixed in both Ballymun and Ireland.


Among the examples cited were community facilities, drug treatment services, employment, health services, housing and homelessness, poverty, social equality and the environment.

However, it also argued that these issues should not be "used by some groups to stoke up fear and hate".

“As organisations and as individuals, we are working and we will continue to work collectively to make our area better, bringing out the best in people and fighting for positive change," the statement continued.

"We are determined to respond to the ‘protests’, including through meeting with the new residents to welcome and reassure them.

“We are redoubling our efforts in our schools and businesses, and in our youth, community and sports groups, and as public representatives, to promote integration.”

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