Bernard Brogan Is Getting Hitched – And The News Has Left Some Fans Feeling Blue

Delighted for him


Bernard Brogan is getting married – and honestly we, like most people, couldn't be happier for the fella.

After all, he's not only an absolute legend for the Boys in Blue, but he's every bit as likeable off the field as he is on it (to Dublin fans at least – if a Kerry person were to say the same thing, it would probably be taken as an insult).

Add to that the fact that his now-fiancee Keira Doyle is a well respected and super-sound PR exec, and you've got one of the hottest couples in town – so it's great news all round, really.

As always, though, the sound of hearts shattering can be heard right across the land... and while fans have rushed to wish the couple well, some of them can't quite hide their anguish.


And seemingly, for one subeditor in the Indo, the grief was such that he/she went into full-on denial when writing the caption for the story...


Pic: Antoblue10


Written By

Aidan Coughlan