The Creators Of 'Making A Murderer' Have Just Talked About Season 2

It seems its makers are busy gathering evidence at the moment...

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We talked at length about Making The Murderer in recent weeks as it captured the attention of millions around the world, and now its creators have commented on what a follow up season might have in store.

According to Variety, the show's producers Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi have stated that they've been gathering more material in the last month relating to the Avery case. Ricciardi said,

What we’ve managed to do in the past four weeks is have several phone calls with Steven Avery which we have recorded with an eye toward including them in future episodes.

While this sounds like good news, the producer also wanted to point out that a second series is not yet a definite thing.

It’s real-life so you don’t know what’s going to happen.

Don't rule it out though, because if "significant developments" take place in the case Netflix are keen to give audiences the resolution they're calling out for.

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