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13th Sep 2018

A Dublin Event Is Fighting The Stigma Surrounding Addiction This Weekend

Kiara Keane

Addiction is something that affects many families across Ireland in one way or another, which is being highlighted by an important event in the city centre this weekend as part of International Recovery Month.

Up to 2,000 people are expected to take to O’Connell Street on Saturday as part of Ireland’s Recovery Walk, up towards the main event in Merrion Square.

Barry Costello from Recovery Academy Ireland said, “As we know and so often hear, addiction does not discriminate or have any social barriers and affects every family and community in Ireland. The Irish recovery walk brings together people to celebrate recovery from addiction.

“The day is about acknowledging the courageous journey of recovery and the positive lifestyle changes that have been made by so many people and that these changes affect not only the individual but their families and communities.

“By coming together on September 15, we send out the message that change is possible and recovery can happen. There are thousands of people in recovery, too many people for their voices not to heard.”

You can find more information about the day’s events here.

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