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07th Feb 2018

Dublin Fire Brigade Issue Urgent Warning About Chimneys During Cold Weather

Darragh Berry

It’s absolutely baltic out there tonight and with Met Éireann sending us weather warnings left, right and centre, it’s hard to know when this bitter cold is ever going to turn warm.

When it gets like this, we do our best to keep as warm as possible and will even try and get the old fire blazing in order to achieve maximum heat levels in the house.

However, Dublin Fire Brigade have warned people to be very careful when lighting fires during this cold period. 

The tweet reads: “Over the recent cold weather warning we responded to 4 chimney fires. Never use a fire or stove unless you are confident the chimney is clean and in good condition. Would you know what to do in the event of a chimney fire in your home?”

DFB was also on hand to issue some tips on what to do if your chimney was to go on fire. 

  • Call the Fire Brigade immediately
  • If you have a stove – close the air vents and dampers
  • If you have an open fire – gently sprinkle some water on the fire
  • Place a spark guard in front of the fire
  • If smoke enters the room, leave immediately and close the door behind you
  • If there is smoke in the rest of the building, evacuate it completely

They also reminded people not to ignore a chimney fire as it can turn into a house fire pretty rapidly. 

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