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12th May 2021

Dublin may be getting a ‘night mayor’ as DCC passes motion

Brian Dillon

Dublin may be getting a 'night mayor' as DCC passes motion

Dublin is set to get a night mayor to help pubs, clubs and other nightlife businesses in Dublin to recover from closures due to the pandemic.

Dublin City Council has passed a motion to allow for the appointment of a night mayor to support late-night business and culture as the city gears itself to reopen after Covid-19 restrictions forced bars and clubs to close.

The motion was put forward by the Fine Gael group and also allows for additional bins, portaloos, outdoor dining spaces and outdoor spaces for events.

Many cities in Europe already have night mayors who oversee and promote late-night culture in their respective cities.

DJ Sunil Sharpe of the Give Us The Night campaign said, “A lot will depend on the aim of the role and what the role actually involves.

“Is it a cultural role or an economic role? Is it a paid role or a voluntary position?

“A lot has yet to be defined, including who is going to pay for it. That has to be decided for us to know whether a night mayor will be effective.

“It can do no harm having someone in that position but questions about how much power that person still have to be answered.

“It’s a positive move but nothing has changed within the executive of Dublin City Council.

“It will all depend on how much power the council is willing to give the person in the role.

“There are lots of aspects of the night-time economy and culture so as many hands on deck as possible is great.

“There are lots of challenges ahead, not least getting businesses open again. The more people assigned to this area, the better.”

He added, “Limerick should go for a night mayor. They’re going to have a directly-elected mayor soon and have the chance to lead the way on this and appoint a night-time advisor and champion the role.

“That would show the rest of Ireland what could be done.”

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