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09th Mar 2020

Dublin restaurant forced to close last month due to evidence of rat droppings

Darragh Murphy

Anu's Kitchen had to close

Popular Dublin restaurant Anu’s Kitchen was served a closure order last month.

The full list of national closure orders issued to Irish food businesses in February was revealed by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) last week and now we know why each of the four places had to close.

The FSAI has published a report on why Anu’s Kitchen, the only Dublin establishment on the list, was served a closure order under the FSAI Act 1998.

According to the report, there was evidence of fresh rodent dropping found in a food storage area just off the kitchen while the authorised Health Service Executive officer also noted that there was a lack of pest-proofing throughout the premises, which could potentially cause food to become contaminated.

The closure order served to Anu’s Kitchen, which is located at Glen Abbey Complex, Belgard Road, Tallaght was issued on February 1.

The order was lifted on February 12.

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