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16th Feb 2018

Dublin Robber Gets Caught For Crime In Most Stupid Way Imaginable

Darragh Berry

The Times is reporting that a Dublin man was arrested quite easily by Gardaí after a very ‘unique’ description was given of him. 

The man in question had robbed cigarettes and threatened to kill two delivery men at Old Bawn Shopping Centre in Tallaght in April 2017.

However, the 24-year-old – who is from the area – found out the hard way that his clothes were a major giveaway in the Gardaí’s quest to find him.

His trousers fell down revealing “colourful” boxers and he was also wearing odd shoes too.

Running away from the scene, his trousers dropped while he was being followed but he told those in pursuit that there would be “ten lads” waiting in a nearby estate.

The Dubliner had 29 previous convictions including public order offences, criminal damage and violent behaviour in a garda station.

Sentencing has been deferred until the end of July.

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