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01st Mar 2018

WATCH: Young Dublin Kids Surprise Gardaí With Snowball Fight And They Accept The Challenge

Darragh Berry

We would NOT have the balls to do what these Dublin children did but we suppose only they could get away with something like this. 

Gardaí were doing their rounds in Finglas on Thursday making sure that there was no accidents or incidents to report because of the snow. 

Lizzy and Stephanie Boland along with their dad were having a gawk at the conditions outside when they saw two members of An Garda Síochána passing by. 

They were coming up to a couple of children who were braving the cold weather in order to build their snowmen and, for a laugh, Lizzy and Stephanie’s dad thought it would be funny to tell the kids to throw snowballs at the Gardaí.

He was only messing, but the kids were deadly serious and accepted the challenge with two hands (seriously, they couldn’t throw snowballs fast enough with one hand).

Fair play to the Gardaí, they were shocked and received the first few blows without responding but they gave as good as they got in the end. 

Thanks to Stephanie and Lizzy Boland for sending this video our way. 

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