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06th Jul 2017

Gardai Stopped 20 Vehicles In Tallaght This Morning For The Same Offence


Dublin gardai caught 20 drivers this morning along the same stretch of road for breaking the very same rule – crossing into the hatch markings.

Gardai tweeted a picture of the road rule breakers pulled in along the Tallaght slip road north bound this morning, saying “cross the Hatch and we’ll Catch!”

All 20 drivers were issued with one penalty point each.

The rules of the road for hatch markings state: “Hatched markings consist of two elements – the bounding line or lines, which may be solid or broken, and the hatching itself.

“Hatched markings may be bounded by a Continuous Line where entry to the hatched area is prohibited or by a Warning Line where entry is not prohibited.”

Next time you think “sure they can’t catch everyone”, think again.

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