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29th Jun 2017

Green Day Have Been Spotted In Dublin


One of the world’s biggest rock groups, Green Day, have been knocking around Dublin prior to their huge gig in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham this evening. 

Upon enjoying a trip in Ireland’s capital, they decided to go visit the first venue they ever played in Dublin – that being the old pub The White Horse Inn.

Only to find out that the pub in question has been turned into none other than a Starbucks. 

Lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong took to Instagram to announce his dismay. He then went and found the new digs – offering a solution to the problem. 

”ugh. it’s now a starbucks.. sorrow.
I have a great memory of playing there. no one was allowed to dance in fear of the roof caving in. everyone was so friendly. maybe we should bum rush the starbucks and play a gig there?!”

Could this be the start of something beautiful?

Watch this space. 

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