Here's How The Radical New 'Pedestrianised' College Green Is Going To Look

This could cause uproar

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If you've tried to drive, cycle or even walk through College Green of late you'll know that it's a logistical nightmare – and worse again, you seem to be taking your life into your hands no matter what your mode of transport. 

There have been rumours of all sorts of plans for the last couple of years, with little enough set in stone.

Today, however, today the team over at Irish Cycle have shared the first look at a radical new design that totally removes cars.

It reminds us of other European cities, and definitely seems to make a lot of sense – but commuters who rely on buses coming into the area will surely start to worry that they are being squeezed out. 

Check out Irish Cycle's great analysis of the plans which were presented today. 

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