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10th Jan 2018

Here’s Why Conor McGregor And Richard Branson Were Topless In Dublin Today


We’re only 10 days in and already 2018 is completely fucking bonkers. Case in point? MMA champion Conor McGregor and Virgin Media founder and all-round business billionaire Richard Branson squaring up to each other completely shirtless. 

Ugh. Why you ask? Well, it looks like it was some sort of paid publicity stunt as part of the Pendulum Summit, a business and self-empowerment event that took place at the Convention Centre today. 

Richard Branson was on stage to give a talk about his tips for success and was joined at the end by Conor McGregor…

Whipping off their shirts to cheers from the crowd they squared up to each other – eternally captured in photographs that should be looked at only by the brave. 

Conor posted pictures from the event as part of a paid sponsorship with Virgin Orbit, a new member of the Virgin Media fam with a focus on space satellites 

Conor was awarded with the inaugural Pendulum Summit lifetime achievement award as a recognition for his success in the sporting world. 

They’re worse than two dads at a summer BBQ. Well, two absolutely minted world famous dads, that is…

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