The Weather Is Set To Be Mighty Fine This Weekend

It's not winter yet!

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We can already feel the cold in the air but fret not, because temperatures are set to rise to nearly 20 degrees this weekend, so we don't have to wave goodbye to the warm weather just yet.

Met Eireann released the forecast outlook for the weekend - and it's looking mighty fine.

The good weather will start from Thursday, when it will be mainly dry and bright with sunny spells. We will get some drizzle in the evening, but it's still going to be 15 - 17 degrees.

Friday is described to be 'mild and humid' and it will start off with a little bit of rain, but it will start to clear later in the day. Temperatures will soar to 16 - 18 degrees.

Saturday looks to be the best day to enjoy the sunshine, because temperatures will go as high as 16 - 19 degrees. Maybe it time to pack away the big winter coats. A nice trip to Howth should be on the cards.

Sunday is when the weather will start to get more bleak, it will start off dry but outbreaks of rain will become widespread as the day goes on. It will still be warm at 15 - 18 degrees.

Will you do anything nice to enjoy our little Indian Summer. 

Let us know!

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