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16th Aug 2017

Inspiring Art Project In The Dublin Mountains Destroyed After Just Two Weeks


The Wind Phone, or ‘Fón Gaoithe’ project, which was recently installed in the Dublin mountains by a local art group as a place for people to meditate and reflect on life has been completely destroyed less than two weeks of it being in place.

The Wind Phone was designed by the Altrúchas group as a “place where you can speak privately and openly and your words will be carried on the wind to wherever you want them to go”, inspired by a similar art project in Japan.

The Wind Phone was installed at the beginning of August with the hopes that people would respect and use the project in the way it was intended, however it was discovered last night that the booth had been torn down.

The project was sadly destroyed…

“Given the nature of how it was destroyed,” Altrúchas said in a statement to, “and how what was left was laid out, it seems clear that the destruction of the installation was not regular vandals but a strong statement from people that didn’t like the project.” 

A sad day for Irish art.

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