Irish Restaurants Are Set To Start Charging For Tap Water

These charges are due to hikes by Irish Water


It’s been reported that there are now plans to charge for tap water in Irish restaurants.

The charges would be a result of hikes put into effect by Irish Water, who have confirmed that talks are to go ahead concerning tariffs for businesses.

Alan Cummins, spokesman of the Restaurants Association of Ireland, said,

Some restaurants will charge for tap water if commercial water charges increase. I would say over 50% will implement the practice.

According to the Irish Mirror, Michael Kilcoyne from the Consumers’ Association of Ireland believes Irish diners and restaurant owners will resist the charges.

I don’t think it would go down very well. It would be like charging customers for napkins. I’d think twice about charging for tap water.

The Irish Water talks are due to begin next week, but the charges may not come into effect for some time.

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