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30th Aug 2023

Dublin adult store Miss Fantasia’s has relocated

Fiona Frawley

The purveyors of lingerie, latex and leather have been in business for well over 20 years.

If you grew up in Dublin and remember finally being allowed on trips into town with your friends, sans adult supervision, you’ll probably walking past Miss Fantasia’s and being quietly curious about the treasures that lay within. In a nation where people are perpetually terrified of and mortified by their own sexuality, an adult store of such mainstream renown is rare, and Miss Fantasia’s has truly earned its place as a Dublin staple. Many will remember heading into Miss Fantasia’s to get their belly button pierced without their parents knowing; a rite of passage, like your first teenage disco or passing your theory test.

In recent months, the iconic Dublin sex shop officially relocated, causing some to fret temporarily about its future. Fans of the store needn’t worry though, it hasn’t gone far.

Miss Fantasia’s is now trading on the first floor above the original shop. The building recently changed hands and the store was briefly closed to facilitate the transition, but they’re now back in business.

The iconic Dublin adult boutique remains open for business, just upstairs from its former premises.

Miss Fantasia’s carries a vast range of toys, clothing, lingerie and hosiery, as well as manufacturing some of their own leather and rubber products and offering a repair service. Visit them on South William Street, or browse to your heart’s content online.

Header image via Shutterstock