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17th Mar 2018

PIC: Ireland Wouldn’t Have Won The Grand Slam If It Wasn’t For This Strange Decision By England

Darragh Berry

Well, that backfired on ye didn’t it?

In case you haven’t heard, the ‘scummy’ Irish have only gone and bloody won the Grand Slam after a magnificent win against the English.

But, it might have been oh so different if the English hadn’t changed their pitch markings during the week. 

The RFU decided to paint the Twickenham markings blue on Friday night after news came through that there would be heavy snow. 

The blue lines would be easier to see if there was snow on the pitch. 

Jacob Stockdale’s try just before half-time was crucial in the game and was the score that got us over the line in the end. 

His finish was something else, he just about touched the ball down inside the line and its that line that has become the talking point. 

The new blue lines that were painted were further out than the original old lines and if the lines had been left alone, Stockdale wouldn’t have got to the ball in time. 

Thanks England for moving the lines, we’ll buy ye a pint tonight. You’ll find us celebrating our GRAND SLAM WIN BABY.

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