Tensions Are Mounting Over Possible Ryanair Pilots' Industrial Action

This could get very messy

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Ryanair is warning its pilots in Dublin that it will meet any attempts at industrial action "head on" and are not above having to remove some jets out of the capital. 

The Irish Airline Pilots' Association (IALPA) wrote to Ryanair on Monday stating their disappointment at Ryanair's "continued failure" to engage in negotiations with the newly-formed European Employee Representative Committee (EERC) 

According to The Irish Independent, the EERC wants to be a singular representative for the company's pilots across Europe and in a letter to Ryanair they asked the airline to "directly engage with IALPA and enter into negotiations with us on all aspects of pay, terms and conditions of employment for pilots directly employed by Ryanair in Ireland.”

However, Ryanair’s chief people officer, Eddie Wilson, has told its Irish pilots not to react to the EERC's proposal and have given them a firm warning. 

“If Dublin pilots support this IALPA organised action then we intend to meet this head on,” Wilson told pilots in a letter on Wednesday. 

“If any such action occurs, then we must assume that Dublin pilots – for the moment – no longer wish to deal directly with Ryanair and we will withdraw those benefits which are dependent on our direct dealing collective agreement."

Fighting talk from the airline.

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