There's A Shortage Of Taxis In The City

By Sharron

September 22, 2017 at 8:29am


The number of taxi drivers in the country has dropped by a massive 45% since 2009.

The number of active cabbies on the road stood at 26,087 at the end of August this year, compared to 47,222 active drivers eight years ago.

The figures from the National Transport Authority were released just a few days after MyTaxi added on a €2 booking fee for customers.

Joe Herron, president of the Irish Taxi Drivers' Federation, told the Irish Independent that that a huge number of drivers are leaving the industry as the economy continues to improve.


"At its peak you were talking about roughly the same amount of taxis operating in Dublin as there are in London", he said.

"Other jobs have become available now and loads of people have left the business".

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