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This Dublin Pizza Company Will Use An Italian Robot To Roll All Its Dough

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Now this is what technology is all about: A robot that can roll PIZZA DOUGH. The dream, amirite?

Looks like one of our favourite pizza companies agree, as Base Wood Fired Pizza have enlisted a super fancy robot, which was developed in Italy, to roll all of its pizza dough in the company’s Kimmage HQ.

 Speaking to Fora.ie, Base Wood Fired Pizza founder Shane Crilly said that “it’s a major piece of kit and a big investment. You feed it dough we have mixed into this machine and it splits it up into the weights you want, and then rolls it exactly how we would roll it by hand.”

It’s an efficient move considering that the company, which currently has five locations in Dublin, makes up to 700 pizzas a night in its busiest stores. Wow.

The uber-cool pizza robot will now prepare all the dough for every store at the HQ, and a van will deliver the pre-flattened dough balls to stores fresh every morning.

Base have plans to expand their company, with an aim to launch 10 new locations over the next five years, including possibly bringing their woodfired goodness to Cork or Galway.

Now all we need to figure out is how to get our hands on a pizza robot of our own for those lazy nights…

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