This Poor Little Fox Was Found Worse For Wear In Dublin

Cillian <3

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This poor little fox, named Cillian, arrived at a woman's back door in Dundrum this weekend.

The woman in question regularly feeds foxes that wander in to her garden, but she immediately noticed that Cillian needed help.

Contacting the Kildare Animal Foundation Wildlife Unit immediately, they responded right away and arrived with a humane trap to catch the fox and bring him back to the care centre.

They began treating him for mange, a skin disease which can kill animals if left untreated.

Buuuut, the good news is... He's getting better!

A volunteer at Kildare Animal Foundation Wildlife Unit said he is responding well to treatment.

They expect him to be at the care centre for at least another six to eight weeks, until he is healthy enough to be released back into the wildness of South Dublin.

They will be posting more updates about the fox, who they've named Cillian, as he continues his treatment.

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